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Thanksgiving 2006 was when Ron and Barb Bergquist were introduced to DWG's Ultra Ion™. With the purchase of a 16 oz. kit from Pat and Mike McFall, who are now great friends, we learned how easy it is to clean our truck in a campground where washing vehicles is not allowed. Without using water, we were able to give our truck a great car wash and detailing.

Before we packed up and headed for home that weekend, we were so impressed with the product, we invested in our future and became distributors at the director level. Our enthusiasm for the product is unquenchable and we are having so much fun while making money. If you are interested in learning how you can get involved, just contact us. We have learned so much that we can share and we would love to get you going in this business too!

Adding Micro-Blaze® Septic to our line was an easy decision after being given a free bottle at the All-Valley RV Show in Mercedes, TX.  Once we used it, we were sold and now we want to sell it to you.

Note that we are independent distributors of Dri Wash n' Guard® products, and not employees of Dri Wash n' Guard® International.  Likewise, we are independent distributors of Micro-Blaze® Septic and not employees of Micro-Blaze Microbial Products.

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