Here are some helpful tips...

  • People new to DWG Ultra-Ion™ often forget that it is as safe and effective for cleaning windows as it is for painted surfaces.
  • The DWG Premium Metal Polish works well by itself, but the metal will stay clean longer if it is sealed with a coat of Ultra-Ion™.
  • Oxygone® is great for cleaning water spots on glass, as well as cleaning isenglas (plastic window material on boats and convertibles).
  • Clean your tires first with the Tire & Trim Treatment and then any overspray is easily cleaned as you clean the painted surfaces with Ultra-Ion™  and metal rims with the Premium Metal Polish.
Haven't been to a car show in a while?  See what you're missing...
Clean Without Water - Distributors
Distributors Wanted

Do you like car shows?  Enjoy seeing the old cars?  Like to talk with custom car owners?  You can do this all while making money promoting a waterless carwash.

Maybe cars are not your thing and you are into boats or motorcycles or airplanes.  Or you might enjoy spending your time in campgrounds. All of these are opportunities to market this product and build your own business based around the best car wash and detailing system – Dri Wash n Guard.

We have opportunities for you to become a distributor and we want to help you get started.  You can be a dealer, a manager or a director, and we will work with you every step of the way.  We love this business and know you will too!

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